Stump Removal


If you are tired of mowing around tree stumps, or simply wish to enhance the appearance of your property or house, contact Green Leaves Tree Service today.


Tree stumps are unattractive and take up space in your yard. They can cause damage to lawn mowers and form hazardous obstacles in the yard. Depending on the type of tree, they can also sprout again, if not removed properly.

Green Leaves Tree Service can remove tree stumps by having them ground down below the surface of the topsoil. Stump grinding is a far less abrasive method than traditional stump removal. It is also more cost effective and lets you achieve your landscaping goals sooner. The area can immediately be enhanced simply by adding new topsoil and planting grass or shrubs.

If you need a stump removed  from your yard please call Green Leaves Tree Service today. We pride ourselves in performing quality work by our industry experienced tree professionals.

Average Pricing:  

By the Diameter of the Stump – The grind it and leave it price per diameter is $5 per inch, OR the grind and clean up price is $7 per inch, and there generally is a  minimum charge of $100.  For example, if you have a 20 inch stump to grind and choose the no cleanup method at $5 per inch, your total will be $100.00

*Please keep in mind, this is only an example. Every stump and yard is different, prices vary. 

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